March 13

So, the next stage will be the placement of the lintels for the doors and windows. The timber is waiting. Once course 18 is reached, the wood work will begin!

Now, while we are at course 14, scaffolding is set up in the interior rooms to make it easier to work on these higher levels.

Some frames from inside the window bucks are disappearing. The view from these windows is more apparent. And stunning. It is difficult for me to get inside the house now because of all of the scaffolding. So just take my word about the views, ok?

Here is an example of door and window lintels in another house (I found this pic on the web; it is not a Steve house–and our lintels will be prettier than this, as you will see!):




It is heating up now. Well, it feels hot to me! We’ve been hiking the longest walk in the afternoons, usually after 2:00 pm. This will not do now that Daylight Savings Time AND Spring have arrived. The sun is higher and it does not set until around 8:00 at night. And there is no shade. No shade for me, that is. Bella and Niles find comfort in the juniper bushes. Bella looks for shady spots; she lopes from juniper bush to juniper bush, standing in the shade until I huff and puff my way to her spot, then she bounds off ahead to the next bush.

I found some holes in the ground. All I could think of was RATTLESNAKES!

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