Tenth Row + Planning!

March 5


It is cold and the wind is blowing but the adobe blocks just keep rising. By the end of the day, the tenth course will be in place.

Planning for the next stage has begun. And the next stage is wood! There will be lintels above all of the windows and doors. Large beams to support the ceiling. Posts for the front porch, the West Remada (porch), and other outside areas. And wood for the corbels.

Lintels? Corbels? Yep. New stuff is happening soon!

Lintel: A lintel can be a load-bearing building component, a decorative architectural element, or a combined ornamented structural item. It is often found over portals, doors, windows, and fireplaces. In this case, the purpose is combined: structural and decorative. I remember lintels from studying Greek architecture in my art history class. I will show you the wood from which these are made once it is delivered!

I will explain more about corbels later on. I need to learn about them and how they will be used in the design of this house. I know they are pretty, but I’m not clear on where they are going and why yet.

Here is what the ceiling will probably look like:




The pictures and the captions tell the story. I took at least 10 shots of the “genie cloud” picture. That sky was amazing, though it was cold and windy–not much Spring on this day.

2 thoughts on “Tenth Row + Planning!

  1. your new walk looks like it gets you near 90 on the east end of town, that’s a healthy hike every day. the resolution on your new camera is nice,

    • Yes, Wayne, the road forks and you can walk towards Alpine or down to the road and the railroad tracks. I think. We have not taken either fork in the road yet!

      The Longest Walk takes about 2 1/2 hours, including stopping at the bottom for picture taking and breath recapturing. It starts at the top of the main property and goes continually down. So the walk BACK is a bit of a challenge sometimes…

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