On the Verge of Spring!

March 4

March Forth! 😉

Yes, the month is definitely coming in like a lion…


Most of the small window bucks are either in place or getting prepared to go up. I now get a real sense of the views that will be possible once the house is completed. You have noticed that the windows on the South side of the house are much larger than those on the North. This is one of the ways to achieve the passive solar goal for the house. The windows themselves will be double-paned Pella windows, with blinds built in so I can control the amount of light and, more importantly, heat that enters the house.

We are at eight rows now, shooting for a row a day next week, if the weather holds.

Steve and I have been talking about the beams for the ceiling/roof and also the various options for the cabinets he will be building for the house. And then there is the tile for the kitchen and the bathrooms!!

This is exciting stuff and I’ll share more about it soon. Also, you have an adobe block lesson on its way shortly…

Remember to click on the first picture to open up the BIG GALLERY. Much easier to view images and read the captions!


I finally have a new camera that I hope will “zoom” better. I experimented with the zoom feature a bit in these pictures. I expect I could enhance each picture further by playing with the color scales and exposure amounts using software I have, but I am disinclined to do this–it takes forever and I’m always running behind on these postings anyway. So, let’s take what the camera gives us and see if it makes us happy.

In these pics, you will get a little taste of Spring coming to the Chihuahuan Desert as we walk the longest walk almost daily now.

4 thoughts on “On the Verge of Spring!

  1. Leah, the natural setting—the landscape scenes—are wonderful. You are very lucky, indeed, to be in such a beautiful place. How far are you from New Mexico?

    • Yes, Paul, I am lucky and I know it! And with Spring on the way, I am luckier still.

      Alpine is actually closer to Mexico than New Mexico, but New Mexico is not far. I’ll provide a map in the next posting so you can see.

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