Friday Adventure!

March 1


We have reached the eighth course. Amazing how fast this house is rising! The crew does not usually work on Fridays now, but because of the dusty windy weather and missed work days, they are here today, making it happen.

I watch a member of Steve’s crew painstakingly lay the soldiers for a small window buck. He meticulously applies the mortar for a single soldier,  pushes it into position, then places the level on top of it and maneuvers the block, oozing mortar as he pushes, using the level, until he is satisfied that it is equal to its brothers. Then he moves on to the next one. This requires a kind of patience and attention that I know I am not capable of, unless a special sauce for pasta is involved. I admire his craftsmanship and his ability to focus on this single activity with such attention and care. He does not waver, even under the distraction of my conversational patter and my camera. Very special!

But here’s the thing: I’ve learned the names of many of the crew over the past few months, but I do not know his name. I will learn it, that is certain. I truly respect the work he is doing.

In a future posting, I will provide a lesson in adobe blocks. They come in various shapes and sizes, as you have seen. There is a method to laying these beauties and I’m becoming more aware of the intricacies involved every time I visit the building site–the site of my future home.


What an adventure! The gift that presents itself during these somewhat arduous and even occasionally tedious long walks down the dusty rocky ranch road is usually unexpected. I guess that is the nature of the best gifts–we don’t expect them and then there they are. Out of nowhere. Catching us with our cameras in our pockets.

On this special Friday Bella, Niles, and I were trudging our way to the end of the road. It was a beautiful day, with the usual gorgeous blue skies and not too much wind. My mind was a million miles away. Bella and Niles were tired and walking close to me as we reached the top of the last rise before the end, where the road forks. There is a corral down here, as I think you have seen. It is near the small red water tank (the one I always think of as a little red house) and it is filled with hay and green grass.

As we topped the rise, all three of us were transfixed. There, in the middle of the hay-filled corral, was the big buck we’ve seen before. We were all stunned–human, dogs, and deer. For about three seconds. The distance to the corral was not far from where we were standing and the dogs charged! I managed to get my phone out of my pocket in time to grab a couple of shots, but no zoom. So the pictures below are a bit enhanced–I used photo software to make them larger than usual.

This is a reminder to me to stay focused on where I am and where we are going because one never knows what lies ahead!

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