Soldiers and the Seventh Level

February 27


At the seventh level (no, we are not talking Dante here, we are talking houses, although I like this circle of Dante’s Hell because it is guarded by Centaurs and I am Sagittarian, but that’s another story), some of the smaller window bucks are ready to be set. I have been wondering how this process would work and today the workmen introduced me to “the soldiers.” These are specially shaped adobe blocks that will be turned up to accept the window buck and hold it in place. I like that: soldiers will be guarding our windows.

Work has been an on-again, off-again affair due to the high winds and also the continued cold temperatures. We have a cold windy day, then a warmer windy day, then a perfect day. Despite all this, we seem to be on schedule, with block-laying to continue two to three weeks into March. They seem to be averaging a row (or, as Steve says, and I just noticed this, a “course”) to a row and a half each day.

While this work progresses, I’ve changed my mind about something. Instead of the sloping ranch house roof that Steve put in the approved plans, I’ve decided I would rather have a traditional flat, or parapet, roof–at least in the front of the house. Thank goodness this is not a huge change/incredibly big deal! Steve says it will actually be easier to accomplish and, from his point of view, will be more attractive. The exposed beams that will be in the ceiling in the interior of the house will now carry through to the exterior. And the water reclamation system we want to install will still work. This will have to approved by the Architecture Review Committee, but I don’t think it will be a problem. Steve really does listen. I mentioned that I was hankering for a different roof months ago and he’s been thinking about it and now he’s made it real–on paper for now, but real for me!

So I’m jumping up and down for joy! 🙂 Here’s what it will look like:


The little squares are the exposed beams. Is this cool or what!?


The hike down the ranch road, as I’ve said already, is rugged, rocky, and long. But there are intriguing things to see along the way (in addition to the blue blue sky!). When I am walking down this road, the light shines on everything around me, heightening the colors of the rocks, plants, and trees. Not sure my poor phone camera can capture what I am seeing, but here is some of it…

And where are Bella and Niles, you ask? They have an adventure in the next posting (a blurry adventure, true, but still an adventure!), so stay tuned!


5 thoughts on “Soldiers and the Seventh Level

    • Someone else has suggested that!

      And another commenter has suggested that this will be a “finca”: Noun: (in Spanish-speaking regions) A country estate; a ranch.

      The Finca Leah? Probably not. LOL

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