2 thoughts on “longwalk-20

  1. for your ag exemption, i wonder how many of these are on the la rana property? of course the cattle aren’t the only animals watering here. as owners of 10 acres of land you can legally hunt on your land. i mention this because the POA in the DMR doesn’t allow the discharge of firearms on DMR land, however they can not stop you from hunting if you own 10+ acres. please correct me if i’m wrong on this.

    • Wayne, it seems like most everyone in SLR has the AG exemption. And there are deer and antelope, among other animals (like Bella and Niles!), using the water tanks. The cows roam all over the place, so I will be building a fence around one acre including the house to keep them from trying to watch TV in the living room! That is allowed in the AG exemption. Regarding hunting: yes, there is hunting in SLR although somehow I did not know this. I don’t plan to hunt, of course, but my neighbors may. I have no idea how this will impact my living experience once I am at the house full-time, although hunting season is October-January, so it will not be a concern all year long. I remember visiting my uncle’s 15,000 acre ranch during Thanksgiving when I was a kid. It was deer season and there were hunters everywhere. I had to stay indoors the whole time or risk being shot at. So I spent most Thanksgivings reading… 🙂

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