Fourth Row


February 13

The house is growing, as you can see!


Note: I used the zoom on my phone camera and it really does not work very well. I am getting a new camera. Be patient with me. Nature photography is HARD!

I never knew animals in the wild could make so much noise. When Bella flushed the buck (the does stayed hidden while he and Bella looked one another in the eye for awhile), he came out of the juniper bushes with a loud rustle (of the bush), a crunching (of the rocks) and a snort. Also, I had the sense of a big being quickly shifting its weight from one direction to a different one–even as far away as I was, I could “feel” something of his physical power. He was beautiful, as was his harem.

So, how do I feel about this new road we are walking these days? Much better! Lots more wildlife action on this long road, more varieties of rock and vegetation, and an incredible view of the plains, as you will see later on.

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