Fifth Row

February 18


Progress continues, as you can see.

Behind the scenes, cool stuff is happening, too. Doors are being chosen. Steve and I talked about doors a long time ago. We were going to use relatively plain unvarnished pine doors throughout the interior–they would be “distressed” or “weathered” so they would have character. Linseed oil applied on a regular basis would turn them a beautiful golden color. Antiqued bronze handles and hinges would be used. Yes, yes. This sounds great.

That was months ago. In the meantime, he gave me a “door” book and asked me to choose the interior and exterior doors from it. Well, you don’t give a book to someone and expect them to remember all the stuff you talked about BEFORE because now there is a book of amazing doors and all that other stuff just goes out the window! (or the door, even!)

Are you laughing? I am. Now. But I tell you, I picked out a bunch of incredible weathered, distressed, varnished, tinted, scraped, and brushed doors that were truly beautiful. Antique Mesquite, mostly. Gorgeous! And perhaps appropriate for the exterior doors, but not for the interior. Too much! Steve talked me off the door ledge quite diplomatically and now I believe we are on track to have some truly gorgeous outside doors and very lovely and sustainable inside doors. There are a lot of doors (26, I think) so this is a big deal.

And then there is a new roof design. More about that later.


You can tell I am running behind on these postings.

Wayne commented awhile back that the wind I videotaped back in November or December was nothing compared to what would happen in February. He was so right!

The winds are relentless and they blow dust like a dust-making machine, if such a thing exists. There are times when I look out of the big window in my rental house, which faces the mountain range to the west and offers me amazing views of the sunset each day, that I cannot even see the mountains because the dust storms have obliterated them.

Ok. Dust storms. This is West Texas. What did I expect?

Well, I expected wind and dust and perhaps even dust storms but I DID NOT expect the allergy attacks from Hell! Turns out I am pretty sensitive to this dusty stuff and my poor head and its primary “appendage” (my nose) are really suffering. What to do? Let’s try nothing and see what happens. Two days later, I am still sneezing, coughing, and not sleeping. OK. Let’s try Benadryl. Great. No sneezing and coughing but I can’t get out of bed! Someone suggested Zirtec, so I am giving that a try now. Saline nasal drops. Saline nasal ointment. Humidifiers. Kleenex. Staying inside. Watching the dust blot out the mountains. Going out to the building site to take pictures and sneezing all over my poor phone.

Bella and Niles look at me like they think I’m going to explode any minute and perhaps I am! Of course, part of the problem inside the house is that they are shedding their winter coats and the house is full of dog hair. But they act all innocent and demand to go for our daily trip to the mountain. ACHOO!

March is just around the corner. It will either get better around here or it won’t.

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