Second Row


February 7

More dirt.

More adobe blocks.

The second row is now in place.

The foundation is a warren of piles of blocks, window and door bucks, the neon-colored string from the speed leads, and men laying adobe blocks and mortaring them in.

The mortar starts off a dark brown color and then dries to a pale tan.

The blocks are shaped in various molds for specific purposes: full blocks are for the basic walls, “notchers” go around door and window bucks, and others have indentations designed to accommodate electrical and plumbing conduit.

Having shaped blocks from the beginning saves time, of course! Now and then, however, a block needs to be cut and there is an electrical saw designed for this purpose. Then you will see the dust fly! There is no picture of this yet but I will get you one…


In a bit of a blue funk at the moment. I attended a funeral a couple of weeks ago and now I will be attending another. It is heart-breaking to see people go. When I look up at the turquoise/azure/navy blue sky (particularly beautiful and clear these days), I wonder where they might be. Living so close to nature makes life and death more real, more immediate somehow. I am glad I am here. But I am sad, too.

One thought on “Second Row

  1. was wondering how much frame in vs. adobe wall will there be on the interior. a blueprint might be helpful for those of us who have some background in construction. also, are you using large doors in those adobe walls, i’m referencing the ability of adobe, plus the doors, to sound proof those adobe walled spaces. fireplace? are photos 11 and 12 of the big solar room, if so WOW! can’t wait to see it.

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