Getting Ready for the “Block Party”


January 30

The foundation is laid. The concrete is setting up. The building site is neat and tidy.

Time to get this adobe block party going!

The tall triangular structures are “speed leads” that will help “sight” the laying of the adobe blocks properly.

The wood will be used to create “bucks” for the windows and doors.


This is the road we are hiking now that Bullfrog Mountain is closed.

It is flatter, as you can see, but the sky is just as blue! And there are dividends to this flat road which will be revealed later on.


February 2-4

Lots more stuff being put into place all around the building site now.

The wooden frames are “bucks” for the floor-to-ceiling doors and windows. The smaller window bucks will be inserted once the adobe blocks have reached the appropriate height for them.

It is very exciting to see all of these preparations underway for the Adobe Block Party!

Remember to click on a picture to open it up in the bigger Gallery. The captions are easier to read there and the images are larger.


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