First Row


February 5

Each row of adobe blocks is laid all around the house, including the garage, and mortared in before the next row is begun. And each day the house is “sighted” to ensure that the speed leads are all accurately placed. More about this later, but the basic idea is that the blocks need to be laid at specific intervals and all blocks need to meet a size requirement. The speed leads assist in achieving this level of accuracy. Otherwise: crooked house!


It has happened! The first row of adobe blocks is being laid and now the house is starting to look like it might actually be a house someday!

Steve and I noted in a conversation about the laying of the blocks that it has taken awhile to get to this point. But now we are here. I feel confident about the stability of the house up on this mountain after watching the meticulous care everyone took with the footings and the foundation. I’ve leaned on a door buck and they are as solid as they can be. The adobe blocks are thick and solid, too. This house is going to be able to withstand all the wind, rain (not much of that really), sun, snow, and any other weather West Texas can throw at it. I feel elated as I watch each block being put into place!

But I am still not sure how I feel about this new road we are hiking these days…


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