Snow Days!

A very nice quiet holiday culminated in the excitement of SNOW!


Over the long holiday break, I began researching some of the interior design elements for the house, including tile and door options and the roof. “Research” means poking around on the web for adobe and Southwestern stuff, as well as checking out catalogues gathered over the last few months and talking with Steve. Too early to make any decisions yet, but looking at all of the amazing options out there is as much fun as climbing the mountain with Bella and Niles (which is TOTAL FUN).

Here are links to some places I visited:

Casa Mexicana Tile
Cera-Mix Studio
The Tile Shop – Kitchen Gallery
Mueller Metal Roofing

I also did some surfing in Pinterest for Southwestern and adobe images and found this fun board:

My Kind of Things From Southwest and Its Design Style (not the most fortunate of titles, but you get the idea)

And Steve shared a catalogue of doors. So many doors. And all so beautiful.

No technical pictures this time around, so head down for the Personal section and some snow!


Steve, the architect/builder/adobe magician, traditionally cooks dinner for his crew on the last day of work before the holidays. My brother was visiting me, so we joined in and had a very fun time with everyone and the food was great: beef slow-cooked in a “disco” (a kind of Mexican wok only HUGE) with lots of spices and a wonderful sauce, with charred veggies, tortillas, and all the fixings. Oh, and Steve makes a mean blue margarita thingy that is bigger than a margarita and twice as lethal. I only had one. 😉  I would have taken more pictures of everyone but I was too busy stuffing my face. Please note that these smiling faces belong to the crew you’ve been watching all along as they toil on this new house. It was a great way to start the holiday. I also share with you pics of the two Xmas trees because I made the mistake of buying LIVE trees and now I think it is funny. Apparently I can plant these at the house when it is time to landscape. These are healthy Afghani pines and they are desert dwellers. I will try to keep them alive and thriving until next year. So, it was a quiet holiday filled with hiking and holiday movies on TV and food and dog antics and more food. Just perfect.

And then it SNOWED!

Snow Day One: January 3

What?! Snow? That is just a light dusting, you say. Well, maybe for you but I’m from Houston. It never snows there, so this was very exciting for me. And Bella and Niles, of course. Bella spent a lot of time eating the stuff and even Niles got the chills, it was so cold. Then they fell asleep, happy as clams, even though we never left the house. I watched several cars and trucks slide down the hill to the main road. Not taking any risks with my new JEEP, thank you very much!


Snow Day Two January 4

Now this is more like it, right! Another two to three inches fell overnight and turned the light dusting into a full-fledged snow fall. You can see the deck and the front yard of the house I am renting–all covered in snow now. The sky was so dark and gray that the sunset did not exist–the night sky looked essentially the same as the day sky. It was beautiful but it was also terribly cold, especially at night. We stayed in all day (except for outings for doggie hygiene). Bella and Niles are asking me when this is going to end in that last shot…


Snow Day Three January 5

And end it did. The sun rose and turned everything into a glittering dream. And a melting mushy mess. I decided to hazard a trip up to the building site. This decision was predicated on the assumption that staying cooped up in the house one more day would have led to Bella and Niles learning to speak a language or me learning to bark! The road up to the mountain was a tad treacherous but nothing the red JEEP couldn’t handle (thank goodness!). And the hike up to the top was splendid–I’ve never hiked in snow, so I had a blast. The building site glistened in the sun and gave me an idea of what it might be like to weather a snowstorm up there. I hope you enjoy my mad bomber hat. And that last pic is the result of Bella and Niles going berserk in the snow…they had a blast, too!


I hope your holidays were merry and bright! Don’t know when work will commence due to the continued presence of snow at the site. Stay tuned and Happy New Year!!

One thought on “Snow Days!

  1. Hi Leah,

    That’s a very respectable snowfall for west Texas–almost midwestern. Snow threatened in Austin but never materialized. Love the pics–especially the dogs, not knowing WTF is going on. Well, what do you expect from Houston dogs?

    I will be following your house building experiences with new interest. We just bought some property in the hill country and are starting to plan the house we will be building. It will be mainly Tim’s project (thank heavens)–because I know it’s a full time job. We haven’t settled on a style yet but the whole enterprise will be as green as we can make it, from materials used to energy sources.

    It sounds like you are enjoying life very much these days. So happy for you.

    Love Katy

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