Holiday Hiatus


This is the last workday before the holidays. A severe wind advisory is in effect beginning Wednesday. 65 mile-an-hour gusts are projected and it has already started blowing up a storm! There is also a rumor that it may snow on Christmas Day. If that happens, you know I will be up here taking pictures!

As you can see, the rebar work continues. The east side of the house (dear to my heart, as this will be my bedroom suite and office–and the laundry room…) is getting its double layers of rebar fitted in the footings. All of the gray tubing for the electrical wiring is in place and topped off with stoppers. The site continues to get spiffed up and everything will be turned off/locked down/secured at close of work today for the long holiday vacation. Work will recommence on January 7, 2013.


The trip up the mountain proved challenging. The wind was very strong. Fortunately, there are several natural breaks provided by the terrain. I thought a picture of me smiling would be a nice change, so enjoy that. 😉 I tend to look so serious all the time, even when I am just dancing with excitement and anticipation. My training as a stoic librarian, I expect. Never let them see you sweat…The pic of the “shadow me” reminds me of David Byrne of Talking Heads fame in his Big Suit. The rocks up at the top of the mountain are my favorite place to sit (and rest!) and look at the valley on the other side. It is very rugged in that valley and it calls out to me for exploration. Maybe someday I will not go down the same way I came up…and if you look closely at the blue sky picture, you will see the moon.

Finally, here at last is my Leah Shaky Cam video to give you some idea of the force of the wind and its sounds.

I do plan to post occasionally during this holiday period–background information, a story about the ranch and this land development, and pictures of snow if there is any. So, for now, Happy Holidays and I wish you all the best in the New Year!

3 thoughts on “Holiday Hiatus

  1. Holy Cow! it looked so peaceful in the still picture, and then I clicked on the video and all hell broke loose! You really captured what that wind does up there on the mountain. Still, it’s a beautiful view, and the sky is awesome.

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