Martini Time!


Saturday. No work at the site yesterday–too windy! The wind advisory actually went into effect today, but it has been windy all week.

Bella and Niles are too accustomed to adventure now to be happy with a walk in town, so we come up to the site on the weekends as well and roam about. The trip up the mountain is becoming less hazardous because I have learned how to walk on loose rocks. Still, I look like Powerful Katrinka (10 points to anyone who recognizes that reference!) going up the mountain and a timid mouse sliding down.

Less blue sky and more white clouds of every shape and description in these Martini shots. The wind was gusting and making the telephone poles moan and sing. I tried to video-record just to capture the sounds, but my experiments proved awful. I will try again soon.

Oh, and Bella pointed a train! 😉 And I think Niles is considering running away–he really wants to explore all of the time. He is fascinated by all that he sees. I don’t blame him one bit. I am, too.

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