Preparing to Pour, Part 2


The good news: a lot of rebar is in place now. See how it is bent to go around corners? Lots of corners in this house! I almost fell into the footings trying to get some of these shots. I am not as nimble as Bella and Niles, who hop over these furrows and roam around in the “rooms.” And the wind did not help.

The site is looking pretty spiffy–materials and the pallets they sat on are mostly gone and the dirt and rock piles are disappearing, too. All ready for the pour!

The bad news: the pour is not going to happen before the holidays. Wah! Several factors are making it impossible, including the unavailability of the exterminator and the questionable weather conditions. There are wind advisories in effect over the weekend and mid-week next week the temperature will plummet again (low ’20’s). So, the pour will take place in the New Year. Not a bad way to start the New Year, actually!

In the meantime, the work crew will be finishing the rebar placement on the other side of the house so the entire structure will be ready for the pour. And work stops for the holidays on December 20.


I am disappointed but not surprised about the pouring schedule. We were pushing it to make it happen before the holidays.

It was so windy on this day that we headed home early. While taking pictures, however, I wondered if I ever shared pics of the septic system with you? Not something one does every day but, in the interest of accuracy, and just so you know, the green canisters buried in the ground near the “outhouse” comprise the septic system. This was one of the very first projects to be completed. Bella, true to her kind, is very interested in the toilet, as you can see. šŸ˜‰ Niles is just windblown!

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