Preparing to Pour


No, do not fear, that is not a cannon staring at you from the site of my as yet unbuilt home! More about this device later. 🙂

Feverishly getting ready for the monumental pour mentioned earlier, the work crew is laying the rebar in the footings of the west side of the house. The pour will take place in two stages over two days, assuming the weather holds. And speaking of rebar, the “cannon” is actually a rebar shaper: the rebar slides into the device to the point that you want to bend it, then you push and push the “handle” until the steel is bent appropriately. Otherwise, how to get around corners!? This is hard work. Well, it is all hard work, creating the foundation and getting prepared for the pour. Remember: only one month ago, the ground was broken and this project got its start.

In addition to laying the rebar, the crew is cleaning up the work site. Check out those empty pallets. The Bobcat is being used to haul off the last of the rocks. The area is being raked and cleaned. When the cement truck arrives, it will have no trouble driving right up and dumping all that concrete into my house. Yay!

There are several steps that must occur first, however. Some of this is not really clear to me yet, but I know there is anti-termite and other bug deterrent that must be laid in the footings. Insulation must also be installed. It sounds like these activities can go pretty fast, so I am crossing my fingers for a “monumental pour” before the holiday break begins.


The wind was already starting to blow hard when we arrived this day. And shortly after, Bella was bit by–you guessed it–a great big honking HARVESTER ANT! I wish they would finish their harvest and go home already. Which is what we did…so no Martini Shots.

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