Forming the House, Part 4


More of the Durisol has been installed. You will notice that rebar is being used to secure the pieces of Durisol. And today you can see men in action!

I’ve mentioned several times that the adobe blocks and dirt need to be kept wet with water and also “tamped down.” And you have seen a picture of a “tamper.” So now here is the pictorial evidence of these activities. Wetting down the dirt is a bit like watering your garden. Bella loves drinking water from a hose and she almost jumped in to get some. Tamping down the dirt and bricks is more like jack-hammering. That machine could run away with you if you are not careful!


Unexpected fun on our walk today. Bella tried to chase down a herd of deer! We were back up the road that leads to my street. There are often cows there, drawn to the big water tank, but not today. We (Bella and Niles often choose which direction we might take on any given day and they like a change of scenery now and then, as do I–see the Martini Shots for a picture of this road) were trudging along when the herd of mule deer appeared, walking across the road right in front of us. Bella took off like a rocket!! She chased them down into the ravine. Those deer were moving fast, and so was she! I lost her, so I kept walking with Niles back to the Jeep. By the time we made it there, Bella was ready to meet us.

She obviously did not chase them very far. We were just walking along minding our own business and boom! There they were. This was about 12:30 pm. Why were the deer out walking then? I suppose once I move in and they see the dogs all the time, they will find someplace else to roam. There was absolutely nothing I could do to stop Bella.

According to my brother, they were there as a result of hunting pressure from surrounding ranches. These were all does. They were so beautiful. They just leaped through the air and disappeared down the ravine. They were moving so fast–I am sure that is why Bella gave up.

Bella and Niles are both snoring on the couch now as I write this. 😉

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