Forming the House, Part 3


A new element has been introduced now: Durisol. This stuff is magic: “Durisol is a premium quality construction material that’s recycled, renewable, and energy efficient. Made from 80% recycled wood, treated not to rot or burn.” It is a green building material. Steve has decided to use this in the footings to provide greater insulation and to reduce the amount of concrete necessary for the “monolithic pour. So stacks of big planks of Durisol have appeared at the building site. You can see in the photos how these planks are being cut and placed in the “footings” in front of the “forms.” Gee, I think I have this down now!

I’ve mentioned the “tampers” and now you can see a photo of one. It actually looks like a rocket pack you could put on your back and shoot off into the big blue sky, but no. It is a tamper and you will see one in action in a future posting.

And to make another element clearer: the furrows that Steve dug in Ground-breaking are called “footings.” The wooden boards that go down into those “footings” are called “forms”–and that is why the wooden boards are the focus of the posting “Forming the House.” I get confused. Steve is keeping me on track!


A cold wind blew in and with it came an allergy attack! I spent part of my birthday and the weekend blowing my nose off. I guess I am acclimating to the very dry climate and the altitude–the new house is almost at 6,000 feet. Being from Houston, Texas, which is practically at sea-level and incredibly humid all of the time, I have actually made quite a dramatic environmental change by moving to Alpine…

The Martini shot is the view from my white chair, with a somewhat ungainly Bella. She is usually so elegant, but not always! In this picture, she reminds me of ET. 🙂

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