No technical this time, unless you want the specs on my new JEEP!

I had to buy it, really I did. The roads in this property are murderous and normal tires on city cars get sliced to ribbons in no time. Plus 4-wheel drive is a must to get up to the mountain. Now, did I have to buy a slightly used bright red with all the trimmings JEEP and then put All-Terrain tires on it? Well, no. But it was my birthday…

Which fell on a Saturday this year. Bella and Niles have a lot more fun roaming around the building site and trekking the nearby roads than they do walking in town on a leash. So we headed up to the building site and I took these pics of my JEEP! You would think that building a new home on top of a rugged mountain with the biggest sky on Earth would be birthday present enough, but no. My brother sent me flannel-lined jeans because a supposedly bitter winter is coming (any Game of Thrones fans out there?), along with a lovely wool scarf (from Ireland!) and matching gloves. And my best friend Nina, knowing a fireplace was in my future, gave me a lovely and sturdy log holder, which I am sure I will use just as soon as I learn how to chop wood. It really is gorgeous–a wrought-iron shiny sculpture. And I gave myself a JEEP.

Plus I think I have the coolest address ever: Dark Sky Drive.

So I am basking in the glow of friends and family, birthday presents and good fortune. And I am truly thankful. These past two years have been a challenge. I miss my Tony, but I think he is smiling. He knows I always wanted a little red JEEP.

Beep, beep!

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