There is dirt everywhere and it is a good thing. The adobe blocks have been laid around the perimeter of each of the rooms. Then the room areas are filled with dirt excavated at the site and sifted through the big sifter–how much gold could you find with that machine?!  The big earth mover is used to bring the dirt to each room, where it is dumped in a controlled way and then raked. The dirt is then wetted with water from a hose and tamped down with the “tampers.” All around the site there is even more dirt. And the house is being built with dirt–adobe blocks. It is great that everyone enjoys playing in all this dirt!



The next two days were no-work days at the site, so Bella, Niles, and I explored other roads nearby (without ants!) and I spent some time sitting in a little plastic chair on the imagined patio, enjoying the view, thinking of the days when I will actually have a patio and a nice chair and a cup of coffee to greet the sunrise.

Bella, as you can see, gets a big kick out of all this dirt–she explores the maze of footings and then hops up onto the room platforms that are available to her, those without too much plumbing or other obstructions. Bella wants to live in this house as much as I do!

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