Plumbing and Bricks, Part 2


Heads up, people! We’ve got color-coding!

The new plumbing pipe is for domestic hot and cold water. The white pipes are for waste. These pipes are replacing copper now. The hot and cold plumbing lines are inserted into black sleeves so they can be easily accessible later on, if trouble occurs. Most of the white waste pipe endings have covers now. And the piles of adobe blocks are dwindling as they make their way to the rooms.


My first reaction upon seeing the new fittings on the existing pipes was: how patriotic. I mentioned this to Steve and he laughed. Red for hot, blue for cold, white for waste. Oh! Right. The site is looking very different now, isn’t it? More complicated. More layers.

The Martini Shots are from the walk to the mountain, further up the road from the building site. At the top is a satellite antenna, which I think will be bringing Internet access to the house, although this is not clear to me yet.

I’ve walked this trail with Bella and Niles for several days but we have to stop. There are harvester ant beds all along the way. Bella, being the hunter/stalker/Camo dog, stops frequently to scope things out. And then she gets bitten by one of these angry ants. She falls to the ground, rolls around on her back, and then jumps up and runs back to the Jeep, shaking the affected paw in a spasm of pain. I race down to the main road to home and Benadryl while she shakes in the back seat. Niles sits in the front, unhappy that our walk has been interrupted. He never stops moving, so ants never bite him. I am considering killing the ants. Apparently they had infested the building site and Steve had to eradicate them prior to breaking ground. I like watching them scurry about and their beds are very cool, sandy-looking, organized mounds. But I want to walk up the mountain and so do Bella and Niles.

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