Well, it is the Thanksgiving Holiday, so work takes a back seat to turkey, dressing, pumpkin pie, and our dysfunctional families. Just kidding!

Returning home from a pre-Thanksgiving dinner, guess who was enjoying their own dinner in the front yard of my lovely Alpine rental home? These mule deer are frequent visitors, usually early in the morning, just at dusk, or late at night when the moon is full and illuminates the night. Mostly does and yearlings, with the occasional 4-or-6-point buck. They eat leaves and grass. At night sometimes, when I head out to the deck to get away from the stuffy heat of the house, I cannot even see them. But I can hear them! Munch, munch, munch. Sorry these pics are so blurry. I will do better next time.

On the house front, you can see how the forms are being supported by smaller wood pieces (there is probably a technical term for these little reinforcers, but I have no idea what it is. Note: Steve tells me these are called “shims”).  Steel stakes and wooden wedges are used to reinforce them, as well.



The building pictures were taken the day after Thanksgiving. A cold front had blown in and it was very cold and quite windy up on the mountain that day. Bella, being a short-haired lady, needed a sweater, and since she loves to stalk around like the hunter she is, I decided a Camo sweater was appropriate for her. Camo Bella! The building site was so neat and tidy that she felt quite comfortable jumping over the footings and walking around the interior of the house. I think she is ready to live there. I know I am!

And where is little Niles, you ask? Niles loves to run down the road and explore. Bella seems more of a homebody and usually sticks near me during these visits. Also, I think she likes to have her picture taken…

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. Hi!
    Just looked at all your pictures. Your house sure looks great. You are soooo lucky. I’ve always wanted a Log home. What I’ve discovered you probably know this, but make sure you have someone who really knows how to build a fireplace. I don’t know if Dome houses settle any but kitchen cabinets and plumbing have to be done a special way. I sure you know all that. What’s weird is I just bought a Jeep too. I have wanted one since I was little and that is a long time. Mine is silver though. Can’t wait for the first snow fall.
    Anyway, keep the pictures coming!!!!
    Take care!

    • Kari! Thanks for visiting. You have a silver Jeep? You should drive it down here from Minnesota and go racing through these mountains with me! Steve the builder knows all about fireplaces and he is spending a lot of time on this foundation so I won’t have the kinds of problems you mention. He’s been building adobe homes out here for many years. I am lucky to have him here on this project. When you get a snowfall, I want to see YOUR pictures!! Thanks for dropping by! Beep Beep!

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