More House Forming



The forms are in place almost completely around the exterior of the house now. These pieces of wood will be removed later and re-used for door and window “bucks.” A “buck” is a form or shell that defines door and window openings that the adobe blocks are built around.

A hint of things to come: the steel rods, or rebar, will be placed in the footings to create the strong basis for the foundation.

The batter boards around the perimeter of the house are beginning to disappear and the neon-colored string is disappearing, too.



Every day I can see progress. These pictures are all beginning to look alike to you, I expect, but each day I head out to the building site, I see something new has happened. Steve tells me what is happening and I try to recall the details to share here, but I am so excited that much of the time I am only half-hearing him. I must do better! There is a lot of activity and the foundation part is going by very fast.

I love the picture of the survey instrument. It feels a bit like a rover bot on Mars–gleaming technology in the midst of a ton of dust!

And Bella, for some odd reason, is very sad the batter boards are going away.

The Martini Shots give you a sense of the fall colors gracing this very rugged terrain. And the blue sky is one of the reasons I want to live here!

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