Earth Moving


All that digging leads to a lot of dirt.

Earth moving is a big part of the initial work on the house. As the footings (those big furrows that were created in the ground-breaking) are dug–and some of them had to be jack-hammered, due to the amount of rock below the surface–some of the earth is piled up for use later and the rocks are added to the rock pile.

The boards that form a kind of fence around the house are called “batter boards.” These boards are used to establish the floor level and to locate the walls. Once the house is formed, the batter boards will go away.

The neon string is used with the batter boards to locate the walls.

As you might guess, the house needs to be level for everything that will go into it to work: walls, roof, etc.


It is exciting how quickly the site has turned into a maze in the ground. Each furrow represents the wall of the house or the wall of a room. It is becoming easier to visualize what was once only on paper.

And it is impossible to stand around taking pictures of the building site without turning and snapping a pic or two of the amazing views! These are the “Martini Shots.”

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