Brick by Brick

I am working with an amazing architect and builder. Steve Belardo, whose company Rainbow Adobe Inc. is a fixture in the Alpine/Marfa area, is a wonderful designer. He can make your vision a reality. This reality is on paper so far but the plans look perfect. This is going to be a big house at the top of a piece of land that dips into a large ravine. Passive solar, traditional adobe, self-sustaining: a home for a lifetime. Steve has ensured that the views from each of the rooms of this home will be spectacular. More importantly, he has designed a home that can heat and cool itself most of the time, reclaim rainwater for our use, and withstand the wide range of elements up on the mountain: heat, snow, rain, wind, you name it, West Texas can throw it at you.

The house will rise up out of the land as part of the land. Oh, and it has an office just for me.

There are dogs helping out. The big brown one is Bella, the Hungarian Vizsla that Tony decided should be part of our family. She and her little white compatriot, Niles, have a lot of fun roaming about while work is happening.

This house is built of adobe bricks. Here they are in the making.

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