Breaking Ground

We broke ground on Tuesday, November 13.

This was an amazing day! There are many details I am not sharing with you: the water well (dug a well that came up dry, oh no!), the property line variance that took time to work out, the water situation that eventually led to the ranch that owns the property digging a well that we can hook on to and made me reconsider water reclamation options that Steve had recommended, etc.  Building a house on the mountain is a challenge because there is nothing here. We are making it happen. This is challenging–and exciting!

Steve operates the machine that is digging the furrows which will eventually hold steel and other materials to create the strong foundation for this big house. I told him he reminded me of Ripley in “Aliens,” who effortlessly handled a big piece of machinery and made it part of her body. He laughed. This is what Steve does when he is digging the earth. It is enthralling to watch!

Steve’s crew has been with him for a long time. They work with him in the heat and the cold, earth movers and shapers, forming bricks, digging foundations, making the imagination real, while the wind blows and the sun bears down.

The helper dogs belong to Steve and to me. They love running around the property, making a mess and getting in the way. Bella, the hunter, is particularly aware of the land and the world beyond my boundaries. I will have to watch out for her.

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